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26 May

Yes, it's true that personality and attitude are the best anti-aging course of therapy, effective and practically it’s free.

You don’t need to spend on expensive treatments and products to keep the slow pace of aging if you can manage to observe these 10 Commandments:

1. Be real and genuine.
- Do not fool yourself and others. Let the people know who you are, how do you do, and how you feel. Hypocrisy and or plasticity should get out of your way.

2. Do not dwell on negativity.
- Positive thinking, gives you positive energy and positive energy rejuvenates every single cell of your body, and as a benefit, keeps your younger body stage stay.

3. Live your life a combination of healthy and dirty, literally and figuratively.
- Pure healthy living is boring and makes our body weak and boosts ailment susceptibility. So, add some dirty styles to strengthen the immunity.

4. Live by reality not in fantasy.
- Life is easy if you live not in fantasy. Remember that delusions give you nothing but frustrations, hallucinations, and to some extent – mental retardation. Do not forget that sanity is beauty.

5. Never try to change the course of the sun and the moon.
- Leave alone as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Let the moon shines at night and vanishes in daylight. Do not ever make this thing as your problem.

6. Do not count how many strides it takes from your house to other places.

7. Never try to search for something that does not exist.

8. Stop too much thinking for something that is actually nothing.

9. Teach only the people who do not know and never try edifying somebody who does not want to know.

10. Do not ever try explaining to people who hear nothing.

Age is just a number and we can hide the exact number if we only take life easily. Enjoy it every day and never stand to it too seriously to avoid aging swiftly and dying early.

Let, us stay "Forever Young" as the 80s Band, Alphaville says.

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