1 min read
18 May

An exciting experience getting lost while trying to shoot a video about a hidden pool in the middle of the desert in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

This is the reality in creating videos, not all attempts to get the subject for filming are a success. Because there are times that you just ended up a failure. Like what happened to me when I tried finding the hidden spring called Shaib Luha Pool. Having no guide with me who knows exactly the place, I was brought by Google direction to a wrong destination. It’s understandable because the place has no network signal.

But that’s life. You taste the glory of success and sometimes a dismal failure. But failure does not mean the end of everything, because there is always another chance.

Getting lost in finding the subject, is part of the experiences in bringing stories. It spices up the excitement. A kind of feeling that boosts the enthusiasm of every video creator. I will always be glad to experience such as this, to present stories. I love doing this, I will never stop because I love my followers, my DON Public Videos Family, my life

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