THE SERENE BEAUTY OF THE DESERT - Al Waslah Park, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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15 May

Traveling to different places is always a great opportunity to explore the world, see different things, experience and witness the culture, heritage, people’s traditions, foods and the normal way of living and the spots and places that make one country, province, city or town different from the others.

Personally, for me being in a tropical country, hills, and mountains with trees, forests, seas, lakes, streams, and rivers is nothing but an ordinary site. We enjoy the sounds of nature, the bird sings, swaying sounds of the trees as they dance into the beat and rhythms of the wind, the cascading sounds of the waters as they flow down in the creeks, streams, and rivers.

That kind of environment leaves us the questions; what about if we are in a country of a desert? What does if it feels like? What could we find in the place? What could we possibly see in a wide-open land without trees?

I personally had those questions in my mind. But when destiny brought me to Saudi Arabia, the ecstatic feelings are the same. I enjoy the sights offered by the deserts. Climbing to the mountain tops under the barely open sunlight is a unique excitement that pushes me to reach the peak and feed my eyes with the landscape that the wonders of nature have to offer.

This video is just an example of how is it like when you are in a country of desert. This is just an initial video, and more to come on this website. Please watch the whole and complete video here in this link:

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