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23 May

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When I was just a kid, I kept thinking about the existence of oasis. Because to me it’s quite contrasting that the deserts are land with no trees and plants that grow because of the dryness of the land without the water that the plants need to hydrate to thrive and grow. But as I grew up, with all the researches needed in my academic studies in school, yes it does exist.

And so, the next thing that I should do to see the oasis in its physical presence and existence. By chance and by luck, I ended finding myself here in Saudi Arabia, whose desert occupies the greatest part of its land. The journey has begun, roaming and enjoying the golden desert land, seeing beautiful places, and standing on top of the mountains in every peak portion I, myself could climb.

I heard about Shaib Luha Pool, so without hesitation, the next Friday morning, I and my friend took a ride to get to the area. In my first attempt as shown in the other video post; Failure Attempt To Find The Subject, indeed was a bit of disappointment, but here, at last, I found it.

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Sha’ib Luha Pools consists of 2 natural pools within the desert mountain’s gulley. Located in Al Uraidah, Riyadh.

An exciting place to visit for a simple hiking adventure during summer and wintertime. However, the way I look at the terrain on the way to the 2 pools, it is a passage of floodwaters during heavy rains.

Walking through the rocky track is never a tiring activity, because the serene beauty of the surroundings and the chirping sounds of birds singing to your entire trek, lifts your spirit and pushes you to explore further the place.

Upon reaching the first pool, you need to go to the top of the cliff that serves at the pool wall for you to advance your way going to the 2nd pool at the end of the mountain cove.

During rainy days, however, climbing the wall is not advisable, otherwise, you might end up slipping and falling. So, you need to make a detour climbing through the safest trail to reach the top. Once on top, you will enjoy the vantage point viewing of the place.

If you are driving an ordinary car, you need to park it near the road and walk for about 3 Km up to the 2nd pool. But if you are driving a 4-wheel drive car, you can park it closer to the 1st pool and could save you from walking far.

I keep searching for why the pool is called Shaib Luha, but I could not find an answer. I tried even asking people about it, unfortunately to no avail.

In Google these are the answers I got.



With this, I concluded that probably it is named Sha’ib Luha, because of being so chaste, created by nature and the efforts of going to the place is somewhat a test or measure to your perseverance in reaching goals by crossing difficulties only to see its hidden mystical beauty.

I hope you enjoy the video. Thank you for supporting my page. God Bless!

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